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8. Virtual Learning

What a year it has been.  Every farm show and trade show has been cancelled due to Covid-19.   As we navigate through this year of uncertainty, we find ourselves possibly missing a year’s worth of innovation.  New advancements in seed technology, equipment development and interaction with our fellow grower are ever changing and warranted.  Many venues have created a virtual world of trade shows and opportunities to learn.  Taking this avenue also serves as another option to release information and activate the grower as we discuss the latest and greatest discovery that could potentially improve and contribute to a successful farming season.  Virtual Farm Tour is an opportunity to see all the vendors from the AgroExpo, but on your schedule.  Check it out at: http://www.theagroexpo.com/connect/virtual-farm-tour/

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7. Application Accuracy In Research. Part 1: Broadcast Dry Fertilizer


Crop research can be expensive in a number of ways.  There is the cost of the researchers to establish an experiment (time, materials, data collections, etc).  There is the time from experiment establishment to harvest (nervous time waiting).  There is the cost of a lost experiment due to weather disaster (meaning you may have to repeat it next year making the results even farther away).  And there is the loss of an experiment due to misapplication of the treatments.  And this is often a hidden cost since it may not be known that this happened.  It is often assumed that the researcher is able to accurately apply the treatments, so it is probably worth going over this in the early treatment discussions.

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6. The Importance of Research

Over time, we have seen true examples of products that hit the market in all industries that fall short of expectations.  Many times this is due to failed market research and the overall acceptance by the consumer.    Why is research important?  Missing the mark can be costly to a company’s reputation and ultimately their bottom line. 

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5. Lots of Ways To Do Alfalfa Plots...But Which is Best?

Crop research is hard.   No really.  There are numerous factors that can keep a researcher from reaching the goal of a good outcome that will show treatment differences. 

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4. IPM Strategies and Research

July 20, 2020

Welcome to the middle of the cropping season in Michigan.  Scouting is an essential practice for crops as they enter their more mature stages.  Some of the watch outs would include nutrient deficiencies, pest damage, and weed pressure.    Based on soil conditions and weather patterns, you will see a variety of scenarios unfold.  As the crop weakens due to the environmental stress, you can see an increase in pest infestation, weed pressure and plant stress that could also be a result of nutrient deficiencies.

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