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5. Lots of Ways To Do Alfalfa Plots...But Which is Best?

Crop research is hard.   No really.  There are numerous factors that can keep a researcher from reaching the goal of a good outcome that will show treatment differences. 

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4. IPM Strategies and Research

July 20, 2020

Welcome to the middle of the cropping season in Michigan.  Scouting is an essential practice for crops as they enter their more mature stages.  Some of the watch outs would include nutrient deficiencies, pest damage, and weed pressure.    Based on soil conditions and weather patterns, you will see a variety of scenarios unfold.  As the crop weakens due to the environmental stress, you can see an increase in pest infestation, weed pressure and plant stress that could also be a result of nutrient deficiencies.

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3. Organic Farming at the NCRS

Did you know that there are some certified organic fields at the North Central Research Station?

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2. Leading Innovation and Research

The North Central Research Station, located just North of St. Johns, Michigan, is a 1200-acre research facility that combines research plots and real world agriculture.  Working with industry and providing contract research opportunities to study a variety of scenarios that can effect good quality yield and crop performance.   We can study a wide range of crops including, but not limited to, corn, soybeans, winter wheat, sugarbeets, potatoes, apples, grapes. Additionally, out of region crops are planted for research that includes cotton, sorghum, sunflowers, and spring wheat.  If you are looking for specialty crop research, we can also provide conditions favorable to tomatoes, peppers, squash, watermelon, pumpkins, and many other crop varieties.  

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1. Why Research?

Everything great started with the answer to a question. 

I wonder what is across that big body of water?  (America)

What would happen expanding gases could move a series of pistons?  (Internal Combustion Engine)

What if pollen from one plant could carry desirable characteristics to the silks and reproductive parts of another plant? (Hybrid seed corn)

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