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2. Leading Innovation and Research

The North Central Research Station, located just North of St. Johns, Michigan, is a 1200-acre research facility that combines research plots and real world agriculture.  Working with industry and providing contract research opportunities to study a variety of scenarios that can effect good quality yield and crop performance.   We can study a wide range of crops including, but not limited to, corn, soybeans, winter wheat, sugarbeets, potatoes, apples, grapes. Additionally, out of region crops are planted for research that includes cotton, sorghum, sunflowers, and spring wheat.  If you are looking for specialty crop research, we can also provide conditions favorable to tomatoes, peppers, squash, watermelon, pumpkins, and many other crop varieties.  

Our plot setup involves strategic placement that best represents the correct conditions that may best match the growing region of the crop in question.  With fields that range in many different soil types, pH levels, irrigated & dryland conditions, it allows us flexibility and the opportunity to test products or plant hybrids in multiple conditions if warranted.

The research performed at the North Central Research Station is not just limited to crop production but also equipment innovations and management practices.  We work with leading agricultural companies on new product development that includes spray application equipment, planters, tillage, and other factors that relate to precision agriculture as well as soil structure and health. 

Our contract research involves confidential agreements between the North Central Research Station and our clients to safeguard new technology and experimental formulations.  We are now taking applications for fall wheat planting in 2020 and all crop interests for the 2021 growing season.  Visit us at www.northcentralresearch.com for information on how your company can become part of our client base.

Jay Eccleton, CGCS

Site Manager, North Central Research Station

July 2, 2020