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21. Basic Lawn Maintenance

As the weather slowly warms up here in Michigan and we start thinking about what needs to be done with our lawns, I thought that I would give everyone a basic guide to spring lawn maintenance.

Spring Cleanup

Now is a good time to get out and clean up the yard.

If you have trees in your yard, go around and pick up all of the twigs that have fallen over the winter months.

Rake the yard.  This will get any dead material out and encourage a quicker green up. If you live on a gravel road or have a gravel driveway, don’t forget to clean up the stones from the snow plows.  It is a lot easier to clean up the stones now, before we get that spring flush of new growth which will cover them up. 

Cleaning up the yard before you start your regular mowing schedule will help to save some wear and tear on your mower blades.

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20. In-Season Soil Sampling

There are all sorts of data to collect from agricultural field plots during the growing season. 

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19. Meeting Orchard Research Challenges

We have previously discussed the need to maintain uniformity within the research site.  Another factor of equal importance is avoiding cross contamination from one plot to the next.  This is done in field crops with border rows.  These can keep the harvested area of a plot separated from anything in an adjacent plot that could have an influence on yield.  But how do you do that in an orchard crop like apples where treatments are applied with a high-volume sprayer and the spray can travel from one row to possibly several others?

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18. Positive Potato Plot Planter Performance

The North Central Research Station has a number of potato experiments this year, so we were especially happy to have a new 2-row plot planter.  It came to us all the way from Italy, via Iowa.  Quite the route to Michigan for sure. 

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17. Did You Get Your Planter Prepared?

Planting season is almost here in mid-Michigan.  Soon winter's icy grip will give way to brighter days and warmer temperatures.

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