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1. Why Research?

Everything great started with the answer to a question. 

I wonder what is across that big body of water?  (America)

What would happen expanding gases could move a series of pistons?  (Internal Combustion Engine)

What if pollen from one plant could carry desirable characteristics to the silks and reproductive parts of another plant? (Hybrid seed corn)

And on and on……  But while asking questions is noble and good, somebody actually has to go out and try to get an answer.  In science and agriculture, getting that answer is accomplished by research.  One definition of research is the systematic investigation using scientific methods in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.  So in other words, you don’t just throw something up and hope it works, but rather set up a well-organized series of experiments to get your answer.  

That is what we do at the North Central Research Station, and have been doing it for 27 growing seasons.  Research is primarily in the area of crop fertility, but other areas such as crop genetic trials, growth enhancers, biologicals, application equipment are also investigated.  Fortunately,  the North Central Research Station has all the necessary tools to conduct such quality research.  We have the land (over 1000 acres on separate farms with varying soil types, irrigated and dryland), the equipment (the ability to accurately plant, spray, inject, assess and harvest), and most importantly, the people (experienced researchers and support staff to get the job done right). 

The North Central Research Station is currently offering research opportunities to other ag-business in need of field trials in order to answer their own unique questions that must be answered to move forward.  Even in challenging times, research must continue to prepare for the future.  Nothing is worse than saying We should have done something.

Additionally, the North Central Research Station has hosted field days from a variety of sources where farmers can come in to see what a particular business,  agency or academic institution has to show.  Meeting and food service can be included.

And finally, the North Central Research Station is one of the major sponsors of the upcoming AgroExpo in August.  So consider what questions you need answered and let the North Central Research Station partner with you to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

(Jerry Wilhm.  June 25, 2020)

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(Jerry Wilhm.  June 25, 2020)